Diabetes Care Follow-up Kit

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Diaba T (Repurchase)

Unfortunately those who have progressed to diabetes, the goal boils down to just one thing- maintain healthy blood sugar level. Myriads of medicines exist that do this function either by forcing surviving beta cells to work more or by pushing out excess sugar via urine. None of these medicines tackle the basic tenets of diabetes management –reverse insulin resistance and regenerate functioning pancreatic beta cell mass. Insulin use early in the diabetes can help in achieving these goals but insulin therapy is normally used as a last resort. Diaba T and the upcoming Herbayu diabetes management products are created specifically with these goals in mind. The plants chosen are backed by research that has clearly proven their respective intended use in Diaba T and other upcoming products.
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Vatsudha (60 Cap)

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Protect 360 (Repurchase)

Health is not merely an absence of a disease but presence of mental, social and spiritual satisfaction. A number factor go wrong in our daily lives that prevent us from being holistically healthy. Of these some factors are dependent on use e.g. food, sleep, exercise while some are not in our hand e.g. pollution, work stress, etc. These factors affect each other in a complex way and prevent us from staying healthy on a day to day basis. For example, too much work load forces us to compromise on sleep and food quality, etc. while pollution and social distress deteriorates sleep quality. What is needed is a right attitude towards life along with adequate intake of nutritional and non-nutritional food factors to effectively counter pollutants/toxins/proinflammatory factors, erratic eating patterns, etc. Protect 360 supports body with a variety of non-nutritional food factors that protect the body from pollutants/toxins/proinflammatory factors.
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