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We do not claim cure for any disease and are not medical practitioners (doctors) to prescribe or suggest any medicines. Our products are meant to supplement body in a holistic manner and any products designed for diseases should be taken only after a diagnosis by a registered medical practitioner. The health related documents and materials available for download, reading and study on the Herbayu website are for educational purpose and to equip the user with facts and developments in the areas of science, disease, health, etc. and to help him/her better understand the factors affecting health and to become sensitized for the symptoms of loss of health. They are not meant to replace any advice by a medical practitioner but can be used to better understand the therapy prescribed by him/her. Utmost care has been taken before making the information on the Herbayu public and opinions and inputs from medical practitioners, researchers are sought to make it as authentic as possible. Users are strongly advised to verify the information given here independently before taking any decisions based on it as Herbayu will not be responsible for consequences arising out of any omissions, unintentional misinformation, incompleteness and advances in science occurring after the posting of the material.

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