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We are a direct selling company started by people that are burning with a desire of bringing quality life to people. We have scientists, health professionals, IT professionals, management experts and business magnets in our team who along with their respective beliefs and modes of services have faith in the direct selling platform and thus have come together under the Herbayu Wellness India Pvt. Ltd. banner.

We at Herbayu have one guiding principle, ‘serve and earn’ and our focus is on holistic health. Holistic health as defined by the WHO means not merely an absence of a disease but presence of social, mental, spiritual, economic wellbeing. This definition makes holistic health nothing but a synonym of wellness, thus making wellbeing a general term of which ‘health’ can be considered as a sub part denoting absence of a disease.

We are set on a path, a path to ensure wellbeing of people and as a start we have made diabetes our major target. For this we have taken our Chief Mentor, and President Award winning researcher Dr. Ravindra Nandedkar's dream Mission Diabetes Free India (MDFI) under our wings. Working for this mission will not only make the direct sellers earn better but also will give them satisfaction of doing service to the nation. This unique synthesis of service and earning is achieved through HbA1c test that will help identify diabetic, prediabetic as well as non-diabetic people and will also help spread business. India unfortunately has become the world’s diabetic capital and lack of awareness is the main culprit for this condition. Diabetes though is non-curable but can be prevented if detected at the early and reversible stage of prediabetes. Our years of experience in confronting prediabetes have made it clear that positive lifestyle modifications and herbal treatment regime can halt progression to diabetes giving the individual a chance to live a normal life. The MDFI is actually the Mission Healthy India and to achieve our ‘serve & earn’ goal we have created a globally competitive ‘Incentive Program’ that is logical, comprehensive, high paying and taking care of both the leaders and common people alike. The Incentive program is unique in India as well as globally wherein a sense of service prevails in all the ‘P’s of it viz. plan, payout, price, products, and people.

Wellness and diabetes can be seen as boundary conditions of a continuum of conditions that humanity can experience. Wellness slowly diminishes with bad genetics, poor lifestyle, unbalanced food, stress and bad environment which lead to metabolic syndrome. The later can then lead to cardiovascular disease (CVD) or prediabetes. The later can in turn lead to diabetes and also to increase in the risk of CVD. The diabetes if unchecked has its own severe complications and now it is beginning to be linked to neurodegerative disorders like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease. Thus for us ensuring wellness and preventing diabetes by an early management at the prediabetic stage is of paramount importance. Our product range is dedicated to support your wellness efforts and your fight against diabetes.



To evolve as a benchmark company in quality healthcare services in diabetes and wellness by effective utilization of the entire herbal knowledge domain through direct selling approach and to become a role model in inspiring each individual to live a quality life in the truest sense.



  • Herbayu aspires to become a vibrant & integrated diabetes care and holistic wellness promoting direct selling platform.
  • To reach every district of India by 2020.

Team Herbayu


Mr. Vinayak Nevpurkar - Director

Mr. Vinayak Nevpurkar is a B.E. by Profession and direct seller by heart, Mr. Vinayak Nevpurkar is full of zeal and has 10 years of professional experience. He has taken the whole responsibility of Herbayu on his shoulder as one of the directors.


Mr. Vijay Nimbalkar - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Vijay Nimbalkar had a humble beginning as a machine operator but working as a union committee member made him face to face with his inborn leadership qualities. What followed was successful management of worker and management problems. Then, in 2008, direct selling happened and then there was no turning back. Past 10 years saw Mr. Vijay successfully develop and lead a large number of teams. A vast field experience has made Mr. Vijay an expert in the field of direct selling and he firmly believes that with dedication, hard and smart work, direct selling platform has the greatest potential among all the marketing platforms to transform lives completely in a meaningful ways.


Herbayu’s Unique Approach

In Herbayu working involves two different yet complementary modes, the Mission Mode & the Business Mode. However in order to fully understand our approach and the combining of serving & earning, we need to understand the rationale behind the usage of HbA1c.

The glycosylated haemoglobin, also called HbA1c, measures the percentage of haemoglobin reacted (glycosylated) with blood glucose. In non-diabetic people this HbA1c is 5.4% or below of total haemoglobin and because red blood cells (cells that carry haemoglobin) have an average life span of 3 months, this percentage (value) gives the average of three month’s percentage and in effect reflects three months of blood glucose control. Since it is independent of one’s immediate diet, exercise, etc. and being the reliable indicator of blood glucose control, the HbA1c has come to be recognized as the gold standard for understanding the diabetic status of an individual. The ranges of HbA1c are now well defined with values between 5.5 and 6.4 indicate prediabetes and values of 6.5 and above confirm diabetes.

Working in Herbayu revolves around this HbA1c which is included in the “Nature Ved E Diabetes Care Card” (NEDCC) package, also called mission package. The NEDCC package is designed to give power to its holder. It comes with a cloud storage facility for all the diagnostic data and also with the Nature Ved E Diabetes Care app. The app is accessible only after registration with Herbayu and has features such as parameter self-monitoring, GPS based ambulance search and much more (kindly see the product section for more details). Whoever buys this NEDCC package, whether via mission mode or via business mode, automatically gets his/her HbA1c done through our diagnostic partners, Thyrocare.

In the mission mode, the MDFI, the NEDCC card and the HbA1c results will be used to create awareness about prediabetes and Herbayu alike. Herein lays the uniqueness of Herbayu where the fast spreading and penetrating property of direct selling system is used to create awareness at the grass root level with equally fast speed and penetration. We are probably the only organization other than the Government to take up this task of diabetes-more specifically prediabetes- awareness this seriously and in very near future will have created awareness about prediabetes throughout India. There are benefits for promoting the NEDCC package, the details of which can be found in the Incentive Program document.

In the business mode the NEDCC package is offered free of cost with the green ID up-gradation. The direct seller joins with a combination of products of his/her choice (governed by terms & conditions-see Incentive plan document) and gets the HbA1c done.

In both the modes, various HbA1c outcomes are possible. The person may turn out to be diabetic with varying degrees of severity. In the case of prediabetes/no diabetes, the indications and guidelines are clear (kindly refer to product guide) but in the cases of diabetes, the person (patient) will be transferred to the doctors from Nature Ved Health care and will be taken care by them with additional products (not in Herbayu) as per the severity of the condition, and the presence of complications (See the Product guideline documents for patient transfer criteria). In such cases repurchase benefits will be given to the direct seller who referred him/her (See Incentive Program for details).

With these modes running parallel and complementing each other, the direct seller can satisfy both his/her needs of social service and earning.