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Unfortunately those who have progressed to diabetes, the goal boils down to just one thing- maintain healthy blood sugar level. Myriads of medicines exist that do this function either by forcing surviving beta cells to work more or by pushing out excess sugar via urine. None of these medicines tackle the basic tenets of diabetes management –reverse insulin resistance and regenerate functioning pancreatic beta cell mass. Insulin use early in the diabetes can help in achieving these goals but insulin therapy is normally used as a last resort. Diaba T and the upcoming Herbayu diabetes management products are created specifically with these goals in mind. The plants chosen are backed by research that has clearly proven their respective intended use in Diaba T and other upcoming products.
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Virtually every disease and disorder precede with a transition phase where there is a chance to reverse to the healthy state or to delay the progression to disease. In the case of diabetes the transition phase is called prediabetes which can last long for 5-7 or more years. This is the period that sees gradual decline in insulin sensitivity and loss of pancreatic beta cell function and mass. Prediabetes period offers a golden opportunity window where progression to diabetes can be halted or delayed through extensive lifestyle management and medication. Unfortunately there is not a single medicine shown to be effective in the prediabetes phase, though efforts are on to use metformin. Considering the importance of effectiveness of an early intervention and combined with the lack of any medicines to be used in the prediabetes phase, we designed “Pre-Diababeat” capsules. These are to be used together a well-planned weight loss program (strict diet + exercise).
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